Nichole offer’s a fun and challenging boot camp experience in a convenient location. She provides helpful advice on technique and form and offers modifications for those of us with physical challenges or concerns. She’s also a lot of fun and keeps the group motivated with music and words of encouragement.

Laura Rico

I hadn’t exercised regularly in at least a decade (small children, career), but the convenient location and timing – virtually outside my office window right after work – and low cost meant I’d run out of excuses. I knew I’d be among the oldest, least fit people in the program, but everyone was very welcoming. Nichole offers various exercise “modifications” for people like me and those with knee or back problems so we can participate without slowing down our classmates. She’s a perfect mix of tough, understanding and encouraging – not to mention inspiring, having lost 100 lbs. and completely transforming herself! As she promised, I’m getting stronger with each session and have more stamina. In fact, after two months, I went on a vacation with my family to Yosemite, where we hiked and biked and rowed river rafts. Not only did I keep up with my husband and teenage kids, but I frequently outlasted them!

Kymberly Doucette

If you’ve ever wanted to get into shape (or just into better shape), I highly recommend giving Nichole Ormsby’s boot camp a try. Classes of around 10 people gives you lots of personalized attention, while still letting you bond over the shared experience of sweating with weights, mat work and cardio. Is it fun? Depends on how masochistic you are. Is it a great work out? Hell yes. And you will feel amazing afterwards. She’s supportive and encouraging, but try slacking off a bit and she will call you on it. Not that it’s happened to me. Right. Anyways, get off your butt and get healthy with this great workout!

Irene Song

NLO Fitness Bootcamp has re-motivated and re-focused me to reach my weight loss goals. It has provided an environment where I feel encouraged, supported, and inspired. Working out with an inspiring and supportive group of people who are working towards similar goals has helped me push harder. Bootcamp has been challenging, but I feel stronger and stronger with every workout. It has been a very rewarding experience that I plan on continuing for as long as possible. Working out is not the funnest thing in the world, at least not for me, but I honestly look forward to every workout at NLO Fitness Bootcamp.

Laura Mendoza

I lost motivation for the longest time and I was gaining weight that I had worked so hard to lose before. I knew I had to do something about it but I felt I couldn’t do it without some guidance. Every class is challenging but it has motivated me again. It was just what I needed to get back on track. It has been extremely helpful to have such a supportive instructor. Nichole is so dedicated to see every single one of her students succeed and challenge themselves. I am stronger than I was a few months ago and can now do more than what I was able to do in the beginning. I know that I can count on Nichole’s advice whenever I need it, even outside of class!


Paulina Mendoza